Heidi Strock

Founder and Lead Creative

You know what gets on my nerves?  Words like "strategize" and "brand initiative" and "think outside the box."  I'm sure you've read enough of that nonsense in long-drawn out paragraphs like someone's trying to write a term paper for their "About" section and bs-ing their way through it.  So I won't be including that stuff.    

I'll just talk about what I love doing: 

Getting my hands on some fun and compelling shows, making killer pieces, and collaborating and hiring other talented pros to work alongside me.  So that's what I do! 


Nice when life works out that way.  

I'm a seasoned pro with experience all over the country...in two broadcast networks, top tier cable nets, big-time big-budget vendors and even local market television.  

Marketing great shows is one of the best jobs in the business, if not the entire world. Let's make cool stuff together!